Saturday, December 15, 2007

Advertise via Giving...

For the holidays I created a wonderful winter lotion. The recipe is:

Cinnamon = 25
Mandarin = 15
Egyptian Musk = 10

I called it "Cinna-Tang".

The "Tang" came from the orange drink mix. (Do they even make it anymore?)

So...for all of my office staff, teachers, and others that I appreciate all year through, I bottled it in really nice 2oz bottles that I ordered from Specialty Bottle. 35 bottles cost me $17.15. I created tags that say: "Cinna-Tang" Scented by Avis I tied the tag on with a string of raffia. I have given them out to a few people already and they love the scent.

An unexpected benefit is that it has given me the opportunity to tell people about Urban Botanic that may not have known. What a great thing...Advertising via Giving!

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Perfect Gift for the Woman that has Everything!

What do you get someone that has everything? Well, how about an Urban Botanic Signature Fragrance Collection?

It is every woman's dream to have a Signature Scent that she does not have to worry about smelling on other women.

So, for under $100 you can get her this set with 6 specially selected fragrance oils, one unscented lotion, one unscented shower gel and one unscented perfume. She will also get everything that she needs to blend and create her own scent...including simple fragrance designing instruction. If that isn't enough, she will be able to purchase unscented product at 15% off...always. The fragrance oils will last long enough to scent up to 16 bottles of perfume.

This is a $179 value for only $89.95! I can guarantee that she doesn't have anything like this and will love the thought behind it. So...what are you waiting for? Please email me with questions or order yours today at

It's the most perfect and most unique gift you can find!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Selling an Experience...

When you are in the business of selling fragrances that are personalized for the person that will be wearing it, it really limits your ability to sell "gifts". When our sales pitch is "Create a scent that is original and unique just like you", we are really saying "Your scent can not be be created by anyone but you!" Think about can I create your Signature Scent?

So, I decided to package the experience! Here's how:

I put together UNSCENTED product into "packages".

Then I added this card: Outside: "A Gift Exclusively For You..."


This way...I'm selling the "experience"...not just unscented product. You just have to be willing to do some personal sessions after the holidays. I'm doing some holiday boutiques. I'll see how it goes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Drum Roll Please! And the winner is...

THANK YOU to all that entered my Breast Cancer Awareness Contest. I had my Mammogram yesterday and encourage everyone to do the same or at least make sure you are doing regular self-checks. I can't stress enough the benefits of early detection!

So...I blended each suggested combination and took a poll amongst my family, friends, co-workers and even some strangers. The winning blend for "Pink Hope" is a combination of Strawberry, Water Lily and a dab of Egyptian Musk. It really turned out to be a nice light scent. Most of the time I find strawberry to be overpowering, but was surprised at how much the Water Lily toned it down. This combination was suggested by Sarah! Sarah will receive the first bottle of "Pink Hope" lotion. Congratulations!

The second bottle was to go to the person with the best tribute or survivor story. Reading Laura's tribute made me reflect on my Mother's experience and it gave me such a sense of "HOPE". When early detection has a happy ending and results in laughter, how can you not love the story. So...congratulations Laura! I will be sending you the second bottle of "Pink Hope".

Again...thank you to everyone that took the time to enter.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Contest...

As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is a true time of reflection for me because it reminds me of my Mother.

My Mother passed away in 2003 and she was a Survivor of breast cancer. She had a radical mastectomy on her left side and then 9 years later it came back and she had a radical mastectomy on her right side.

Funny thing is she didn't die of breast cancer...she had a stroke.

In honor of my Mother, I will be giving away two full size (8 oz) bottles of a lotion that I will design specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The lotion will be called "Pink Hope".

All you have to do to enter is go to my website and take the personality test. Come back here and post your personality results plus either a short story/tribute of someone that you know who is a breast cancer Survivor or a suggested combination for the "Pink Hope" fragrance. (or both) Please include an email address!

  • The first bottle will go to the person who posts with the most touching breast cancer Survivor comment.

  • The second bottle will go to the person that posts the winning scent combination for the "Pink Hope" fragrance.

If you would like to submit a scent combination, here are the scents to choose from:

FLORAL: Freesia, Gardenia, Geranium, Jasmine, Juniper, Lemon, Lilac, Lily, Linden Blossom, Lotus Flower, Mimosa, Plumeria, Rose, Violet, Wisteria

FRUITY Coconut, Frangipani, Grapefruit, Green Apple, Guava Fruit, Honeydew Melon, Lime, Mandarin, Naked , Passion Fruit, Peach Blossom, Pear, Pina Colada, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla

HERBY: Almond, Basil, Chamomile, Garden Mint, Lavender, Peppermint, Sage, Spearmint, Tomato Leaf

LEAFY: Cucumber, Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Hawaiian Rain, Heliotrope, Honeysuckle, Verbena, Water Lily, White Tea

SPICY: Allspice, Asian Spice, Bergamont, Brown Sugar, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Fig, Maple Spice

WOODSY: Cedarwood, China Musk, Egyptian Musk, Myrrh, Oakmoss, Pine, Sandalwood, White Musk

My Mammogram is scheduled for October 30th. The winners will be selected on that day.

Please...don't forget to do your monthly self-exams and if you are of age, schedule your Mammogram today!!!!
Early detection saves lives!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My First Cyber Baby Shower!

Last week, I just happened upon a site called "5 Minutes for Mom" (Hmmm...wonder why it caught my eye???) and saw the most fascinating post about the owners of the site, Susan and Janice who are twins and both due to have baby girls in October. To make it even more fascinating, Happy Panda is hosting a cyber baby shower for the twins. The way that people can join the celebration, is by simply posting comments in the cyber baby shower section of their site and win prizes!

They also invited companies to submit a shower gift or donate prizes. The shower will be held October 1st and prize winners will be announced on October 5th.

So, I wanted to create a scent for our Nourishing Lotion to send to the twins as my "gift". I wanted it to be fun, light, Fall and girlie. I ended up combining Green Apple with Heliotrope which gave it a light scent of powder and apples. I named it "Apple Baby Bottom" because it smelled like baby powder with the tang of green apple. I hope they like it.

On October 1st, the twins will post a review about their gift as well as a link to my site. I do have to say that this has been one of the "funnest" advertising opportunities that I have come across.

Shhhh! I think I may host a Cyber Baby Shower soon for someone that I know that is expecting! Wanna come?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Drum Roll Please...Introducing the UB Home Fragrance Collection!

What an exciting time in the world of fragrance!!! Urban Botanic just announced a new collection for your home. How fabulous is that!?!
The company has been
investigating many different methods of scenting our homes with UB products. They tested everything from candles to reed diffusers, plug-ins to room sprays… wanting to find the best way to fill our homes with inviting fragrance.

In the end, they found the best method was oil warming. UB Perfume Oils make the most fabulous home fragrances and are safe to use in an oil warmer. I'm astonished at the quality of home fragrances our products make. I probably shouldn't be so surprised, but the Urban Botanic Home Collection is more fragrant and clean smelling than any candle or other form of home fragrance I've experienced before. Ever! I would love for you to discover the same!

The instructions? Here they are:

Simply place 2-3 drops of your favorite UB Perfume Oil directly into our Oil Warming Plate (SKU UB470) and turn it on. Within five minutes, you'll be enjoying rich, inviting fragrance throughout your home. It takes just a few drops to scent your home for 6-8 hours. You can also turn the Warming Plate off after a period of time and the scent will linger in your home much longer than candles and other home fragrance methods.

And, how cute is that warmer!

Think about warming the following recipes in your home:

Awesome Fall Recipes for the Home…

Try some of McKenna's favorite home recipes in your new Warmer Plate! They're perfect Fall fragrances and will surly keep you warm as the weather gets cooler.

Apple Pie: One drop each of Green Apple, Maple Spice, and Cinnamon

Brown Sugar Fig: Two drops Brown Sugar and one drop Fig - this one is a dead ringer for the popular fragrance, and fabulous for fall.

Almond Cookie: One drop each of Almond and Cinnamon and two drops Coconut.

Harvest: One each of Vanilla, Allspice, and Maple Spice

Now the best part is that the company is running a special for the month of September. For anyone that purchases a Signature Scent collection they get a warmer free! That is a $20.00 Value!

Stay tuned...I will be announcing a product give away in my next blog! It will be so worth it!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Who Made that Rule?

So...Labor Day is behind us and "someone" said that I have to put my white clothes away. Well, my question is..."Who made that rule?"

Just like Urban Botanic, fashion is based on personality and mood as well as the changing season. There are so many factors that go into what dictates suitable attire and what is a fashion faux pas that no one "rule" or one "recipe" can suit everyone.

I live in Southern California and the temperatures this past week have ranged from 97-110. Talk about hot! Put away my white clothes...I don't think so.

This topic really clarifies the beauty of choice & individuality...the whole concept behind Urban Botanic. Afterall...women are beautifully and wonderfully unique and should not be bound by the "rules" or "customs" of the past. They should not be swayed by the popular fragrance on the department store shelf that someone said is all the rage. Next time you feel compelled to have what is "fashionable", ask yourself "Who made that rule?"

Celebrate your individuality...wear white after Labor Day!
Create something original...instead of wanting what everyone else has!
Help someone do the same...become a Urban Botanic Fragrance Designer!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Focus On Replacement Purchases...

Business is slow and I needed to come up with a way to get my momentum back. So, I started to peruse the files in the Hive Files. I came across the document, "What Makes U.B. Different?" One of the bullets said:

"… Urban Botanic products are not an additional buying decision for customers; it's a replacement purchase. They already buy lotion and perfume, etc, but when they create their signature scent, they'll start buying Urban Botanic products. It's a replacement purchase, not additional cash out of their pocket."

Bingo! That's it! I need to check on my former customers to see if they need to reorder. Afterall, if they don't get it from me they will pick up some Jergens at the store.

So, here's what I have done:
  1. I set up a online "Mystery Hostess" party through Evite and sent it to previous customers. Check it out: Mystery Hostess
  2. I will create a Fall fragrance and hand out samples. I have made a commitment to hand out 5 business card a day.
  3. I will hold my own workshop and invite people to come to create a new Fall fragrance. (Take advantage of the changing season.)
  4. Through Vista Print, I ordered the 100 postcards FREE and paid the $5.45 shipping. I will mail them out to those that did not have email addresses. Here is what it looks like:

I am believing for a busy October and November!

Monday, August 27, 2007

50 Marketing Ideas for Retailers - From Shari Waters

This month has been a bit slow for me...and a little discouraging. I have felt like my creative juices have run dry and I was searching for some ideas on what to do next. With school starting my time is so limited because it's my busiest time at work. So, I did a search for "Creative Marketing Ideas" and I came across an article on I thought there were some really great and simple tips for marketing that I wanted to share...just in case you were feeling a little stuck too and needing some ideas to help jumpstart your business or get you out of a rut. I will try 3, 35, 47 and 50 within the next two weeks. Which ones will you try???
  1. Create a calendar for customers with your shop's name and address on it.
  2. Print the products you sell or services offered on the back of your business cards.
  3. Always carry business cards with you. Give them freely and ask permission to leave them in places your target market may visit.
  4. Join a trade association or organization related to your industry.
  5. Have a drawing for a product or a gift certificate. Use the entry forms to collect customers' mailing addresses.
  6. Develop a brochure of services your shop offers.
  7. Conduct monthly clinics about a product or service you offer or schedule semi-annual seminars on related "how-to" information for your industry.
  8. Print a tagline for your business on letterhead, fax cover sheets, e-mails and invoices.
  9. Develop a website to showcase your products, services and location. Use a memorable URL and include it on all marketing materials.
  10. Include customer testimonials in your printed literature.
  11. Promote yourself as an expert by writing articles or tips on topics related to your industry.
  12. Submit to the local newspaper, trade journal or other publications.
  13. Host an after-hours gathering for your employees and their friends/relatives.
  14. Provide free t-shirts with your logo to your staff to wear.
  15. Send newsworthy press releases as often as needed.
  16. Create an annual award and publicize it.
  17. Develop your own TV show on your specialty and present it to your local cable station or public broadcasting station.
  18. Create a press kit and keep its contents current.
  19. Use an answering machine or voice mail system to catch after-hours phone calls. Include basic information in your outgoing messages such as business hours, location, website, etc.
  20. Join a Chamber of Commerce where you can network with area business owners.
  21. Hold an open house. Invite prominent city officials and the press.
  22. Get a memorable local or toll-free phone number.
  23. Place ads in publications your market reads. Be sure to reach the non-English speaking market as well.
  24. Distribute specialty products such as pens, mouse pads, or mugs with your store's logo.
  25. Advertise in creative locations such as park benches, buses, and popular Web sites.
  26. Improve your building signage.
  27. Get a booth at a trade show or expo attended by your target market.
  28. Give a speech or volunteer for a career day at a high school.
  29. Sponsor an Adopt-a-Highway area in your community to keep roads litter-free.
  30. Donate your product or service to a charity event or auction.
  31. Have a Yellow Pages ad listed under your main industry and in related categories.
  32. Volunteer your time to a charity or non-profit organization.
  33. Create a loyalty program to reward existing customers.
  34. Create an opt-in email or print newsletter for your customers. Fill each edition with specials, tips and other timely information.
  35. Send hand-written thank you notes to important customers every chance you get.
  36. Use brightly colored envelopes and unique stationary when sending direct mail pieces.
  37. Show product demos or related videos on a television on the sales floors during store hours.
  38. Book a celebrity guest for an event at your store. Use people in your industry or television news anchors or local authors.
  39. Create window displays in locations away from your shop. Airports, hospitals, and large office buildings occasionally have display areas they rent to local businesses.
  40. Team up with a non-competing business in your area to offer a package promotion.
  41. Pick the slowest day of the week to hold a one-day sale.
  42. Create a warm, welcoming waiting area for your customers.
  43. Provide extra customer service training for your staff.
  44. Sign up for a newsletter or join online discussion groups in your industry.
  45. If possible, loan your facilities to other groups for a meeting place.
  46. Create a unique lapel pin based on the products you sell to wear at meetings.
  47. Choose a regular customer to spotlight as a Customer of the Month. Create a brief write up to submit to the local newspaper about the customer and be sure to give he or she a copy of the article as well as have one framed to hang in the store.
  48. Pair up slow moving items with related products and repackage as a special buy.
  49. Start a blog. Write about your industry or detail in-store happenings.
  50. Offer your customers discounts for each referral they provide.
See Shari's entire article here:

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Quiet Sacrifice...

Tami Longaberger
Chair & CEO of the Longaberger Company

I was surfing the net looking for a conference that I heard about on the radio that John Maxwell was going to be speaking. If you have never heard of John Maxwell, he is an author of numerous books on Leadership. So, I came upon a blog written by Tami Longaberger, Chair & CEO of the Longaberger Company (Longaberger Baskets). Her blog was about "quiet sacrifice" which she described as a concept that all Leaders understand. I guess I understand it but never had a name for it. I started to think that as we build Urban Botanic as the ground floor pioneers, we will find ourselves often making sacrifice. I now see that we can complain as we make the sacrifice or we can make it quietly with the peace of mind that what we do now will make it better in the future for others. "Quiet Sacrifice"...I like it!

To read her blog:

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A HUGE Endeavor...Can I do it?????

I have been attending The Rock Church and World Outreach Center for almost 10 years now. Our church has grown to have a membership of about 10,000 people. On September 28th & 29th we are having our annual Women's Conference which we are expecting 2,000 women to attend.

Thinking about this conference and having all of these women in one place gave me an idea to propose to the Pastor's wife the possibility of having a fragrance designed exclusively for the conference. The conference logo and theme are "Fearless" - "She Is Beautiful but Dangerous" so, I suggested that she create a fragrance and possibly name it "Fearless", "Beautiful but Dangerous" or "Daughters 2007". She loved the idea and wants to do it. The irony is that although the theme is "Fearless", I'm pretty scared.

Today as I was sitting in church, I was looking around at all of the people that were in their seats. I asked my husband how many people the sanctuary held and he thought about 3,800. There were empty seats, so I figured that there were about 2,000 people in attendance. So, I imagined making enough samples for every person and started to hyperventilate! OMG! Can I do it? Stay tuned...I'll let you know what happens!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Grand Event - Lessons Learned!

Not long after I became a UB Fragrance Designer I received a referral from Corp for a person in Southern California that was interested in information about Urban Botanic. So, I called her and as we talked she started to describe her idea for her 50th birthday party. She wanted to have 30 friends over and she wanted to purchase a perfume for each guest and to allow them each to design their own fragrance. Perhaps I was just naive, but my mouth and my mind both said " problem". This was in April and her party would not happen until July...I should have it figured out by then! (or so I thought)

As I did parties in May and June, gained some experience and learned more about the business, I started to realize that trying to work with 30 women was going to be a bit CRAZY! I also figured out that 30 perfumes had a RSV of almost $750.00. So I was nervous but excited about the challenge! First thing I did was I asked Tracy who is our FD in Los Angeles to help me on this one...and boy was I glad she was there.

The other issue was that the hostess lives in a city that is about 2 hours from where I live. But because I am really focusing on launching Southern California, I am willing to travel in an effort to spread the word and hopefully seed the business in other places. Not sure if I would recommend it to everyone...especially on a Friday night.

I talked with the hostess several times over the months. I sent her samples and explained the process to her. She asked me if we could do it on the patio at her friend's house and we talked about having two large tables so that they could all do the activity together. I had it pictured in my head...I had the product ordered...I Map Quested my trip and was ready to go! So, we went and did the party and learned a lot. I wanted to blog about some things that I learned...both good and bad about large parties so it may help someone else in the future to learn from my experience. are the top ten things I learned from this party:

1. When I arrived, I was told that there was only 21 people attending...not 30. It was a blessing in disguise, however I did invest in 30 perfumes for this party. Lesson learned? Check, double check and verify RSVPs! I will always use the extra inventory so nothing lost. Shawna suggested that birthday parties should have a "down payment" of 50% with and agreement involving a cancellation policy etc.

2. We were supposed to start the party at 6:30. Guest started to arrive around 6:15 and continue to trickle in. We did not start until 7:30 and did not leave until mid-night. I loved Shawna's blog on being on time. Lesson Learned? Emphasize the importance of starting on time and then start no later than 15 minutes late. Have a on-time incentive.

3. When we went out onto the patio to set up, there were three tables...not two and was a little tight. problem...we would make it work. Since we had two sets of fragrances and three tables, we decided to put two scent families on each table and rotate the fragrances from table to table. This partially worked for the scent smelling, but when the blending started, it became a mess. Truly...I'm not sure how this could have been done successfully. Lesson learned? Shawna suggested that in a party situation with that many people, having a few recipes to choose from may have done the trick.

4. The ladies started drinking wine and martinis upon arrival. It was a birthday party...what do you expect and what can you do? By the time we got around to blending, there was a lot of laughing, some confusion, a bit of chaos and some wasted and spilled oils. Lesson learned? When you know it is a celebration...ask about alcohol. If there will be drinking, talk it out with the hostess ahead of time. Either agree to have selected recipes that will allow them to go through the activity but not have to think too much or see if its OK to have them put off the alcohol until after the workshop is over.

5. Remember...we were outside on the patio. After dark, they put out candles. guessed it...we were out there blending 21 perfumes by candlelight. That is one of the huge reasons we were there until midnight. Lesson learned? Get details. I never thought to ask if there would be light. If you are outside in the evening ask about lighting.

6. As I rotated around checking on guests, one of the guests had a mixing glass that was half filled with oil. She thought a drop was a dropperful. Lesson learned? Check for understanding. Make sure everyone knows what a drop is and what it isn't. The larger the party, the more it needs to be checked.

7. We arrived at the home and it was a beautiful home. We walked in and on a glass coffee table in the living room was a sea of beautiful red glass perfume bottles surrounded by red metallic mylar shred. They were stunning. The hostess purchased fancy perfume bottles for each person to be able to transfer their perfume into. She explained that she wanted them to vote on a name for their fragrance and all of their fragrances would have the same name. The fireplace mantel was lined with gift bags with tags on them that were for the perfume and bottles to go into. They would write the fragrance name on the tags after it was voted on. Everything was classy yet fun! Lesson learned? The idea that a scent can evoke a strong memory is so powerful. This hostess wanted every person to think of her 5oth birthday whenever they wore their perfume. Although they all had individual scents, she also wanted them to be connected with a single fragrance name. Awesome idea!

8. We offered to make samples of each guest's scents for the hostess. We clipped each vial onto a business card with the name of the guest on it card. My hostess loved the idea and really appreciated it. She has expressed the desire to do another party with a smaller group someday soon. Lesson learned? Sometimes a little something extra really goes a long way.

9. When I arrived home and got ready to go and deposit the check, I noticed that the check was made out to Urban Botanic. Lesson learned? Always mention to your guests who the check should be made out to and then check it before you leave the hostess' home.

10. Every experience is a learning experience! I was exhausted and am not sure given the experience to do all over again that I would jump at it. However, the many lessons that I learned are all summed up with this last adventurous...take risks...and don't limit yourself to what is simple and usual. We grow with the extraordinary experiences and to really be successful, I believe we have to think outside the box and do things that are outside the norm.

Monday, July 9, 2007

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic Blogs about Urban Botanic

Remember when you first got engaged and you really wanted people to notice the ring on your finger without shoving it in their face??? You were hoping they would notice as you scratch your nose. You were looking for every opportunity in a conversation to mention your big news. Well, that is how I have been feeling lately about Urban Botanic. I am so excited about this great product and and the positive reaction from my customers but I really don't want to shove it in anyone's face. I want them to discover it. I want them to ask me a question that will allow me to explode with the good news! I want them to happen upon my ring in a "non-in-your- face" way.

With UB being so new, it is hard to be subtle about sharing the news. It is not easy for people to just happen upon our websites or a strategically placed catalog. We have to recruit the masses to help us get the word out. So, I spent my weekend lurking in the Fragrance, Beauty and Fashion Blog World. The "World of Blogging" is a very interesting place. It is such a tight knit, wonderful and supportive community of people that all love things that are pretty...things that smell good...and things that every woman would love to wear!

I found myself engrossed in reading the blogs and learning about everything fashionable. I also noticed that there is nothing like Urban Botanic out there. I decided to ask some Bloggers to check out UB and then let me know if it was something that they would be willing to blog about.

I was so excited to receive a gracious email from Christine of "15 Minute Beauty Fanatic". She noticed my "diamond ring" and was willing to tell the world about my engagement! In her Blog, she really did a fabulous job of promoting Urban Botanic! I now know the value of Bloggers! Check out her blog: 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic : Urban Botanic

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Top Ten Reasons I Love being a UB Frangrance Designer...

This week has been amazing with the release of the new products that Urban Botanic is launching. This company never ceases to amaze me. With every question that I have...with every problem that I can't solve...with every celebration that I share...someone is there to listen!

So, I wanted to sit down and reflect on my last two months with UB and Blog about the top ten reasons that I love being a Urban Botanic Fragrance Designer!

Reason Number
I love this business because I don't have to ship products, deliver products and my customers don't have to pay shipping. I arrive at my workshops with the product and leave TEN times lighter. My customers leave with their products that day! We're all happy!

Reason Number
My personal favorite product is the lotion! I believe the NINE nourishing ingredients make for an amazing product! (Protective grape seed oil, soothing avocado oil, nourishing jojoba seed oil, nutritive shea butter, conditioning aloe vera, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E)

Reason Number

The EIGHT ounce bottles of lotion, bubble bath, and shower gel are so generous for the price. The quality is amazing. I can proudly sell Urban Botanic products without feeling like I am pushing products that are of poor quality!

Reason Number
There are Seven things that I absolutely love about my Urban Botanic virtual office: Campaign Manager, UB Library, My Shopping Cart, Order Tracking, My calendar, The Monthly News Letter and my Commission and Sales tracking!

Reason Number
The SIX scent families: Herby, Fruity, Spicy, Floral, Leafy and Woodsy. How awesome that the personality test can determine your scent family. It puts such a fun twist on an already cool experience. I love the reaction of my customers when they connect with their scent family and create something that they love!

Reason Number
The FIVE people in my family (Hubby and four kids) ... I love this business because it allows me to work around my family time. I am able to control my own schedule instead of my schedule controlling me!

Reason Number
The FOUR products...
The perfume is so silky and smooth
The shower gel is thick and lathery
The lotion is unbeatably moist and rich
The bubble bath has endless bubbles!

Reason Number
I love the Urban Botanic THREE prong slogan:

Reason Number
Shawna and Kelsey!!! I have TWO of the most wonderful up-line Sponsors! I love the support, the encouragement and the assistance that they are always willing to provide.

Reason Number
THE NUMBER ONE REASON THAT I LOVE URBAN BOTANIC IS THE PEOPLE! Every single person that I come in contact with has been amazing! My fellow Fragrance Designers are creative, bright and so passionate! The ladies at our Corporate Office are so helpful and efficient. And each and ever customer is unique and create a ONE of a kind, unique product! The people are simply FABULOUS!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hostess Scavenger Hunt!!!

I went a buzzin' over to check out some of the other UB Bloggers to see what kind of cool stuff they were doing. I ran across a post on this blog page and thought it was an awesome idea to share with the Hive:

I have used this along with the tic tac toe with my food company and it is really fun. I usually gave the hostess something if she could get 12 different people at her party.
Hostess Scavenger Hunt

Here is a list of 21 different kinds of people.
A red headed lady
A pregnant lady
A waitress
A church friend
A neighbor
A grandmother
Someone with all sons
Someone with all daughters
A mother of a baby under 1 year old
Someone who orders $50 or more
A bowler
A person who decorates cakes
A lady on a diet
A lady with size 9 shoes
An in-law
A former neighbor
A teacher or Sunday School teacher
A club member
Someone with no children
Someone who will book a party
A friend who doesn't work


Don't you just love it???

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Personality Type...

Kelsey published a blog about personality types. It was awesome! I took the test and here are my results!'s right on!!!

You Are An INFJ

The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is.
You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience.
You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them.

In love, you truly see relationships as an opportunity to connect and grow.
You enjoy relationships as long as they are improving and changing. You can't stand stagnation.

At work, you stay motivated and happy... as long as you are working toward a dream you support.
You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Manipulative, weak, and unstable

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Importance of Loving What You Do...

Charles M. Schwab said..."The man who does not work for the love of work but only for money is not likely to neither make money nor find much fun in life."

A very sad truth is that most people go to work everyday for a paycheck and very few love what they do and look forward to going to work. As a matter of fact, there is a website called that is just for people to complain about their jobs.

Unfortunately, I can relate because I have been going through the motions of "doing my job" for years now. I begrudgingly get out of bed in the morning...load up on Starbucks and go to "that place" that I feel like I just left. How sad is that???

Well...I have hope! On Friday, after a really long day at work, I went to do a UB Party for a friend. There were at least 20 women that made products and I was exhausted by the end of the night...but I felt great!!! I love assisting women through the process of finding themselves in the 66 scents. I am always amazed at how very individual we are and how each and every customer walks away loving their creation! At my other job I feel as if I am "The Complaint Department"...but with UB...I am the "STAR".

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Calling All "Sniffers"...

Earlier today, I had to chuckle because I was at the theater watching a wonderful musical "Forever Tango" and my nose would not take a break. The dancers were amazing and the orchestra flawless, but shortly after the show started, my friend took out a pack of gum and put a piece in her mouth. As she chewed, I caught the scent of Spearmint. It made me think of the lotion that I created which I had put some Spearmint into it. Then I started to notice all of the scents surrounding me...florals...musks...and fruits. It was an amazing blend. I thought...It's official...I'm a "Sniffer".

How do you know if you are a "Sniffer"?

I created a short "Sniffer" test. If you answer yes to a majority of these questions then you, too, are a "Sniffer":
1. Do you regularly burn scented candles?
2. If you were to go to a candle store already knowing exactly what you want to buy, would you still spend a half hour smelling candles?
3. When you are folding freshly laundered clothing do you smell every piece because you like the "Downy" fresh smell?
4. When shopping for produce, do you smell the fruits and vegetables?
5. If something is described as "garlic / onion" do you try and take a whiff through the box or cellophane?
6. After you wash your hands do you smell them?
7. Are you overly sensitive to offensive odors?
8. In the coffee aisle...whether you like the taste or you like to sniff different coffees and have you ever picked up a loose coffee bean or two just to sniff it as you shop?
9. As you stroll through the garden shop, do you have an irresistible urge to smell every plant and flower?
10. After you lotion your hands, do you smell them more than one time?

I would answer yes to every one of these questions. I guess that makes me a "Super-Sniffer"! How about you???? If you are a "Sniffer", join me in Scent an Urban Botanic Fragrance Designer!