Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Who Made that Rule?

So...Labor Day is behind us and "someone" said that I have to put my white clothes away. Well, my question is..."Who made that rule?"

Just like Urban Botanic, fashion is based on personality and mood as well as the changing season. There are so many factors that go into what dictates suitable attire and what is a fashion faux pas that no one "rule" or one "recipe" can suit everyone.

I live in Southern California and the temperatures this past week have ranged from 97-110. Talk about hot! Put away my white clothes...I don't think so.

This topic really clarifies the beauty of choice & individuality...the whole concept behind Urban Botanic. Afterall...women are beautifully and wonderfully unique and should not be bound by the "rules" or "customs" of the past. They should not be swayed by the popular fragrance on the department store shelf that someone said is all the rage. Next time you feel compelled to have what is "fashionable", ask yourself "Who made that rule?"

Celebrate your individuality...wear white after Labor Day!
Create something original...instead of wanting what everyone else has!
Help someone do the same...become a Urban Botanic Fragrance Designer!