Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Focus On Replacement Purchases...

Business is slow and I needed to come up with a way to get my momentum back. So, I started to peruse the files in the Hive Files. I came across the document, "What Makes U.B. Different?" One of the bullets said:

"… Urban Botanic products are not an additional buying decision for customers; it's a replacement purchase. They already buy lotion and perfume, etc, but when they create their signature scent, they'll start buying Urban Botanic products. It's a replacement purchase, not additional cash out of their pocket."

Bingo! That's it! I need to check on my former customers to see if they need to reorder. Afterall, if they don't get it from me they will pick up some Jergens at the store.

So, here's what I have done:
  1. I set up a online "Mystery Hostess" party through Evite and sent it to previous customers. Check it out: Mystery Hostess
  2. I will create a Fall fragrance and hand out samples. I have made a commitment to hand out 5 business card a day.
  3. I will hold my own workshop and invite people to come to create a new Fall fragrance. (Take advantage of the changing season.)
  4. Through Vista Print, I ordered the 100 postcards FREE and paid the $5.45 shipping. I will mail them out to those that did not have email addresses. Here is what it looks like:

I am believing for a busy October and November!

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UB Queen Bee said...

Avis this is wonderful! Awesome ideas!