Saturday, December 15, 2007

Advertise via Giving...

For the holidays I created a wonderful winter lotion. The recipe is:

Cinnamon = 25
Mandarin = 15
Egyptian Musk = 10

I called it "Cinna-Tang".

The "Tang" came from the orange drink mix. (Do they even make it anymore?)

So...for all of my office staff, teachers, and others that I appreciate all year through, I bottled it in really nice 2oz bottles that I ordered from Specialty Bottle. 35 bottles cost me $17.15. I created tags that say: "Cinna-Tang" Scented by Avis I tied the tag on with a string of raffia. I have given them out to a few people already and they love the scent.

An unexpected benefit is that it has given me the opportunity to tell people about Urban Botanic that may not have known. What a great thing...Advertising via Giving!

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