Monday, July 9, 2007

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic Blogs about Urban Botanic

Remember when you first got engaged and you really wanted people to notice the ring on your finger without shoving it in their face??? You were hoping they would notice as you scratch your nose. You were looking for every opportunity in a conversation to mention your big news. Well, that is how I have been feeling lately about Urban Botanic. I am so excited about this great product and and the positive reaction from my customers but I really don't want to shove it in anyone's face. I want them to discover it. I want them to ask me a question that will allow me to explode with the good news! I want them to happen upon my ring in a "non-in-your- face" way.

With UB being so new, it is hard to be subtle about sharing the news. It is not easy for people to just happen upon our websites or a strategically placed catalog. We have to recruit the masses to help us get the word out. So, I spent my weekend lurking in the Fragrance, Beauty and Fashion Blog World. The "World of Blogging" is a very interesting place. It is such a tight knit, wonderful and supportive community of people that all love things that are pretty...things that smell good...and things that every woman would love to wear!

I found myself engrossed in reading the blogs and learning about everything fashionable. I also noticed that there is nothing like Urban Botanic out there. I decided to ask some Bloggers to check out UB and then let me know if it was something that they would be willing to blog about.

I was so excited to receive a gracious email from Christine of "15 Minute Beauty Fanatic". She noticed my "diamond ring" and was willing to tell the world about my engagement! In her Blog, she really did a fabulous job of promoting Urban Botanic! I now know the value of Bloggers! Check out her blog: 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic : Urban Botanic

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