Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My First Cyber Baby Shower!

Last week, I just happened upon a site called "5 Minutes for Mom" (Hmmm...wonder why it caught my eye???) and saw the most fascinating post about the owners of the site, Susan and Janice who are twins and both due to have baby girls in October. To make it even more fascinating, Happy Panda is hosting a cyber baby shower for the twins. The way that people can join the celebration, is by simply posting comments in the cyber baby shower section of their site and win prizes!

They also invited companies to submit a shower gift or donate prizes. The shower will be held October 1st and prize winners will be announced on October 5th.

So, I wanted to create a scent for our Nourishing Lotion to send to the twins as my "gift". I wanted it to be fun, light, Fall and girlie. I ended up combining Green Apple with Heliotrope which gave it a light scent of powder and apples. I named it "Apple Baby Bottom" because it smelled like baby powder with the tang of green apple. I hope they like it.

On October 1st, the twins will post a review about their gift as well as a link to my site. I do have to say that this has been one of the "funnest" advertising opportunities that I have come across.

Shhhh! I think I may host a Cyber Baby Shower soon for someone that I know that is expecting! Wanna come?

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UB Queen Bee said...

Oh my gosh this is great! What a fun idea and I know you'll get a ton of good PR from it! You are sooo creative and its paying off in leaps and bounds!