Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Quiet Sacrifice...

Tami Longaberger
Chair & CEO of the Longaberger Company

I was surfing the net looking for a conference that I heard about on the radio that John Maxwell was going to be speaking. If you have never heard of John Maxwell, he is an author of numerous books on Leadership. So, I came upon a blog written by Tami Longaberger, Chair & CEO of the Longaberger Company (Longaberger Baskets). Her blog was about "quiet sacrifice" which she described as a concept that all Leaders understand. I guess I understand it but never had a name for it. I started to think that as we build Urban Botanic as the ground floor pioneers, we will find ourselves often making sacrifice. I now see that we can complain as we make the sacrifice or we can make it quietly with the peace of mind that what we do now will make it better in the future for others. "Quiet Sacrifice"...I like it!

To read her blog:

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UB Queen Bee said...

Wow that was a very powerful post! You are such an incredible leader I love it!