Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My First Cyber Baby Shower!

Last week, I just happened upon a site called "5 Minutes for Mom" (Hmmm...wonder why it caught my eye???) and saw the most fascinating post about the owners of the site, Susan and Janice who are twins and both due to have baby girls in October. To make it even more fascinating, Happy Panda is hosting a cyber baby shower for the twins. The way that people can join the celebration, is by simply posting comments in the cyber baby shower section of their site and win prizes!

They also invited companies to submit a shower gift or donate prizes. The shower will be held October 1st and prize winners will be announced on October 5th.

So, I wanted to create a scent for our Nourishing Lotion to send to the twins as my "gift". I wanted it to be fun, light, Fall and girlie. I ended up combining Green Apple with Heliotrope which gave it a light scent of powder and apples. I named it "Apple Baby Bottom" because it smelled like baby powder with the tang of green apple. I hope they like it.

On October 1st, the twins will post a review about their gift as well as a link to my site. I do have to say that this has been one of the "funnest" advertising opportunities that I have come across.

Shhhh! I think I may host a Cyber Baby Shower soon for someone that I know that is expecting! Wanna come?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Drum Roll Please...Introducing the UB Home Fragrance Collection!

What an exciting time in the world of fragrance!!! Urban Botanic just announced a new collection for your home. How fabulous is that!?!
The company has been
investigating many different methods of scenting our homes with UB products. They tested everything from candles to reed diffusers, plug-ins to room sprays… wanting to find the best way to fill our homes with inviting fragrance.

In the end, they found the best method was oil warming. UB Perfume Oils make the most fabulous home fragrances and are safe to use in an oil warmer. I'm astonished at the quality of home fragrances our products make. I probably shouldn't be so surprised, but the Urban Botanic Home Collection is more fragrant and clean smelling than any candle or other form of home fragrance I've experienced before. Ever! I would love for you to discover the same!

The instructions? Here they are:

Simply place 2-3 drops of your favorite UB Perfume Oil directly into our Oil Warming Plate (SKU UB470) and turn it on. Within five minutes, you'll be enjoying rich, inviting fragrance throughout your home. It takes just a few drops to scent your home for 6-8 hours. You can also turn the Warming Plate off after a period of time and the scent will linger in your home much longer than candles and other home fragrance methods.

And, how cute is that warmer!

Think about warming the following recipes in your home:

Awesome Fall Recipes for the Home…

Try some of McKenna's favorite home recipes in your new Warmer Plate! They're perfect Fall fragrances and will surly keep you warm as the weather gets cooler.

Apple Pie: One drop each of Green Apple, Maple Spice, and Cinnamon

Brown Sugar Fig: Two drops Brown Sugar and one drop Fig - this one is a dead ringer for the popular fragrance, and fabulous for fall.

Almond Cookie: One drop each of Almond and Cinnamon and two drops Coconut.

Harvest: One each of Vanilla, Allspice, and Maple Spice

Now the best part is that the company is running a special for the month of September. For anyone that purchases a Signature Scent collection they get a warmer free! That is a $20.00 Value!

Stay tuned...I will be announcing a product give away in my next blog! It will be so worth it!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Who Made that Rule?

So...Labor Day is behind us and "someone" said that I have to put my white clothes away. Well, my question is..."Who made that rule?"

Just like Urban Botanic, fashion is based on personality and mood as well as the changing season. There are so many factors that go into what dictates suitable attire and what is a fashion faux pas that no one "rule" or one "recipe" can suit everyone.

I live in Southern California and the temperatures this past week have ranged from 97-110. Talk about hot! Put away my white clothes...I don't think so.

This topic really clarifies the beauty of choice & individuality...the whole concept behind Urban Botanic. Afterall...women are beautifully and wonderfully unique and should not be bound by the "rules" or "customs" of the past. They should not be swayed by the popular fragrance on the department store shelf that someone said is all the rage. Next time you feel compelled to have what is "fashionable", ask yourself "Who made that rule?"

Celebrate your individuality...wear white after Labor Day!
Create something original...instead of wanting what everyone else has!
Help someone do the same...become a Urban Botanic Fragrance Designer!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Focus On Replacement Purchases...

Business is slow and I needed to come up with a way to get my momentum back. So, I started to peruse the files in the Hive Files. I came across the document, "What Makes U.B. Different?" One of the bullets said:

"… Urban Botanic products are not an additional buying decision for customers; it's a replacement purchase. They already buy lotion and perfume, etc, but when they create their signature scent, they'll start buying Urban Botanic products. It's a replacement purchase, not additional cash out of their pocket."

Bingo! That's it! I need to check on my former customers to see if they need to reorder. Afterall, if they don't get it from me they will pick up some Jergens at the store.

So, here's what I have done:
  1. I set up a online "Mystery Hostess" party through Evite and sent it to previous customers. Check it out: Mystery Hostess
  2. I will create a Fall fragrance and hand out samples. I have made a commitment to hand out 5 business card a day.
  3. I will hold my own workshop and invite people to come to create a new Fall fragrance. (Take advantage of the changing season.)
  4. Through Vista Print, I ordered the 100 postcards FREE and paid the $5.45 shipping. I will mail them out to those that did not have email addresses. Here is what it looks like:

I am believing for a busy October and November!