Sunday, June 3, 2007

Calling All "Sniffers"...

Earlier today, I had to chuckle because I was at the theater watching a wonderful musical "Forever Tango" and my nose would not take a break. The dancers were amazing and the orchestra flawless, but shortly after the show started, my friend took out a pack of gum and put a piece in her mouth. As she chewed, I caught the scent of Spearmint. It made me think of the lotion that I created which I had put some Spearmint into it. Then I started to notice all of the scents surrounding me...florals...musks...and fruits. It was an amazing blend. I thought...It's official...I'm a "Sniffer".

How do you know if you are a "Sniffer"?

I created a short "Sniffer" test. If you answer yes to a majority of these questions then you, too, are a "Sniffer":
1. Do you regularly burn scented candles?
2. If you were to go to a candle store already knowing exactly what you want to buy, would you still spend a half hour smelling candles?
3. When you are folding freshly laundered clothing do you smell every piece because you like the "Downy" fresh smell?
4. When shopping for produce, do you smell the fruits and vegetables?
5. If something is described as "garlic / onion" do you try and take a whiff through the box or cellophane?
6. After you wash your hands do you smell them?
7. Are you overly sensitive to offensive odors?
8. In the coffee aisle...whether you like the taste or you like to sniff different coffees and have you ever picked up a loose coffee bean or two just to sniff it as you shop?
9. As you stroll through the garden shop, do you have an irresistible urge to smell every plant and flower?
10. After you lotion your hands, do you smell them more than one time?

I would answer yes to every one of these questions. I guess that makes me a "Super-Sniffer"! How about you???? If you are a "Sniffer", join me in Scent an Urban Botanic Fragrance Designer!

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